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About Us

Dynamically developing company in the field of modern ventilation and air conditioning since 1991. Our team of experienced, creative and ambitious people are always ready to help you with your needs and technical information.


Quality Guarantee

We use only components and materials from the best European manufacturers for our production. All of our products are manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic. That is why we are able to provide a 5-year* warranty on our products.


Our Ambitions

We are able to adapt and customize our products to customer’s requirements. We are constantly developing our products and production processes using modern technology – taking into account the environment, affordability, innovation and high quality.

New Products


Selected Products

Compact domestic fan – the smallest/most compact design on the European market.

Economical range of domestic fans available in eight versions for two diameters.

IDEA domestic fans are part of the new product line of KLIMATOM design fans. These fans are equipped with a glass design cover in many colors. You can create your own color combination and adapt the fan to your needs and requirements.

The biggest advantage of the fan is mainly design, low noise, and yet high power.


Reduction for PRIMO and IDEA 125 to fit on the 150mm ventilation duct without power loss. 

Flexible ventilation duct made of 100 micron thick aluminum sheet.

*5-year warranty only applies to products that are manully renewed on our website. You can extend the warranty for free here.