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Valid from 19th of January 2022.

About us and how to contact us?

In terms of the use of our website, we, TOMEX and Novák, s.r.o. (ID: 62240561 | VAT ID: CZ62240561), with its registered office at Rychnovská 243, Jablonec nad Nisou, 468 01, CZECH REPUBLIC (hereinafter referred to as “TOMEX”), are the administrators of your personal data. We keep them safe and only with your consent and for a predetermined period of time.

In the event that any of our activities seem illegal or unethical, you can contact us in many ways. Of course, you can also contact us in other matters.
A) contact us at the email address,
B) call us at +420 483 368 706 every weekday from 7:00 to 15:30 CET or
C) write us by registered mail to the address:
TOMEX a Novák, s.r.o.
Rychnovská 243
Jablonec nad Nisou, 468 01

About the principles of using cookies and what is it?

This document, or this website at and all of its language variations, explains what cookies are, how and for what they are used by TOMEX. You will also find out what personal data we can obtain from you with your consent and how we use this information. At the same time, you can revoke or modify your consent to the provision of these files on this site.

All files agreed by you on this website apply only to the website and no others.

Cookies are small text files that store small pieces of information. This information is stored on your device whenever the browser loads the website. Cookies are divided into several categories. Technical and mandatory help us with the operation of the website and its proper functionality. At the same time, they provide you with better security, optimization, and personalization of content. Thanks to these files, we can continue to edit and develop our website

Which and how we use cookies?

Like most websites on the Internet, our sites use first-party and third-party cookies for many purposes. First-party files are the first page, in this case us. As mentioned earlier, they ensure the smooth running of the website and are therefore essential for the proper operation and functionality of the website. These files do not store any personal data and user information. Third-party cookies are third-party files, such as files from Google. They are used to statistics visitors and website traffic in general. They help us understand how you navigate our site, for what purpose, where we have gaps, and at the same time provide you with personalized content for advertising messages on the Internet.

If at the time of your consent no cookie file is active in the agreed category, you still give us the right to handle your information at the time when these files will be used. These are mainly internet advertising, sponsored posts in search engines or sharing on social networks. Every change in files will be notified in the table below, in which you will find all active cookies on our website. If you do not agree with a file, you can revoke your consent at any time.

Our website uses these cookies (only) with your consent:
A) Necessary cookies
Some files are so necessary for us that unfortunately they are not optional. They ensure the proper functioning of our site, keeping order in backend which you don’t even see and help us prevent security breaches in website files. They do not collect or store any personal data and in the case of our online store, they allow you to log in and purchase securely.
B) Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies help us measure the performance of the website and any advertising campaigns. They are a measurement for evaluating and generating statistics such as the number of visits or the source from which the site was visited. Thanks to these cookies, we are able to customize and optimize the content of the website.
C) Advertising cookies
These cookies are used by our website to display appropriate and relevant business messages or advertisements on our website, but also on the websites of third parties. By agreeing to these files, you will see personalized messages. Otherwise you will not receive content ‘suited’ to your interests. By providing this information, we are generally unable to identify the exact user.
D) Functional cookies
If you share the content of our website on social networks, discussion forums and other third-party websites, these cookies help us to collect feedback and evaluate it based on your profile and reach.

If you are interested in specific cookies and their description, you can look at the following table below.

_gaThe _ga cookie, installed by Google Analytics, calculates visitor, session and campaign data and also keeps track of site usage for the site’s analytics report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors.
_ga_FM3D00NM1RThis cookie is installed by Google Analytics.
_ga_ZVG6N3NXR6This cookie is installed by Google Analytics.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-advertisementSet by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin, this cookie is used to record the user consent for the cookies in the “Advertisement” category .
cookielawinfo-checkbox-analyticsThis cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category “Analytics”.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-functionalThe cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category “Functional”.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessaryThis cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category “Necessary”.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-othersSet by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin, this cookie is used to store the user consent for cookies in the category “Others”.
CookieLawInfoConsentRecords the default button state of the corresponding category & the status of CCPA. It works only in coordination with the primary cookie.
galaxy-stickyNo description available.
viewed_cookie_policyThe cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. It does not store any personal data.

Do we collect your personal information?

Yes. However, we only collect personal information from you if you provide it to us yourself by use of our contact forms, where you fill in your full name (or company name), email and / or telephone number or if you write us an e-mail. We also collect your personal information when you subscribe to our business communications.

How we use this personal information?

As mentioned in the introduction of the document – we do not sell or provide your information to other parties. However, there may be situations where this information is requested by the institution in court proceedings. In such a case, we may and must violate this provision and provide the data.

We use your information to improve the website so that we can answer your questions via e-mail, to send business information, updates and communications about the company or for marketing activities, and only with your express consent. All this personal data is stored in maximum security in an encrypted form.

Furthermore, the data is used by our processors of this information. For example, the software we use to send business messages (the name will be specified when this software is used) or data analysis software (Google Analytics).

Can I change the settings and preferences?

Of course. You are not our prisoner and we cannot collect data and information from you that you have not agreed with. If you have changed your mind about providing your data and information, you can change them at any time on this website.

Here you can always check your consent and change your preferences if you want to.

Initial settings should always be provided to you when first visiting the website. Your consent or disagreement must be a free decision and without influence of anyone else. At the same time, your preferences must be set without being redirected to another page.

What if you change this document and the politics of our privacy?

If we decide to change any of the provisions in this document, the changes will be presented on this page. The date of the last update of this document is always indicated at the top of the document.

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