Ventilation and air conditioning in one place. Whether you are looking for small domestic fan for your bathroom or a large industrial fan – you are in the right place. We are offering wall, duct, axial or radial fans, fixed or gravity louvres, ventilation ducts and accessories for domectic and industrial fans.

We offer suitable fans for bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, but also for larger spaces such as garages and workshops, restaurants or galvanizing industry thanks to the used technology and the surface treatment of industrial fans. You can also buy the relevant grilles and accessories for ours products such as reverse damper, condensate sump, reduction for domestic fans for different dimensions of the ventilation duct or a speed controller for industrial fans.

Our fans offer high performance, high quality and low noise for reasonable prices. Thanks to the technology, materials and components used in production we can provide a 5-year warranty on our products.

If you need any advice on choosing the right fan for your needs, visit our helper or contact us in any way on the contact page.



domovní ventilátor SOLO

Domestic fans

Small domestic fans for bathroom, kitchen, toilet or any other room. You can find here design fans with glass or plastic decorative cover and duct fans as well. Wide range of ventilation for reasonable prices.

Industrial fans

Universal axial and radial industrial fans for ventilation of warehouses, workshops, restaurants or bars and their kitchens. They are also very resistant for use in galvanizing industry or agricultural buildings and equipment.

Ventilation ducts and grilles

Flexible aluminum duct, fixed circular and squared ventilation grilles, gravity grilles with blinds. Available in many colors and with insect mesh.


Reverse damper for domestic fans, speed controller for industrial fans, condensation sump for ventilation ducts or reduction for domestic fans for different duct diameters. Everyone will choose from a wide range of accessories.