premium quality and high performance, speed control with every variant

Modern and compact axial fan – powerful, durable and efficient for many applications like toilet, bathroom, kitchen, small to medium sized rooms. All parts are made from high gloss, bright white ABS plastic, easy to clean and impact resistant. PRIMO IPX5 has a IPX5 protection except for the variants with humidity sensors (hygrostats) – they have IPX2 protection.

The fan can be mounted in any position to the ventilation duct and is designed mainly for ventilation through the wall or ceiling. The connection of the power cables can be made by laying them on or under plaster/surface. Every variant of this specific PRIMO domestic fan has a speed control.

PRIMO IPX5 is available in the total of 6 variants such as basic version (with terminal blocks), timer, humidity sensor (hygrostat), automatic louvres, automatic louvres with timer, automatic louvres with humidity sensor.

Available diameters:

ø100 | ø125